Dave Owen for State Representative for Wolfeboro

Service to Wolfeboro
Dave Owen recently completed 11 ½ years of service to the Town of Wolfeboro as its Town Manager. During his tenure here, the Town made notable progress in many areas. In addition to the renovation of Wolfeboro’s historic Town Hall, a project that he personally oversaw, the new Abenaki Ski Lodge and Foss Field Pavilion were completed, and the renovation and expansion of the Wolfeboro Public Library was approved. He also brought Town facilities into compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), and the Town’s water and sewer systems were improved to overcome State-imposed moratoria that had limited new water and sewer connections.

In addition to his municipal management service in Wolfeboro, Dave Owen has served as a municipal manager in a number of other towns in Massachusetts and New Hampshire during a 35-year career in New England. Just as he did in Wolfeboro, he has left in his wake many improved facilities and services in those communities he has served. He understands how municipal governments work, and what they need from the State. He will be an advocate for the Town of Wolfeboro and municipal governments in general at the State Legislature.

Dave Owen has dedicated his whole adult life to public service by working with communities to achieve their goals. He is also dedicated to a number of related causes, including civil and voting rights for minorities and students, equal rights and reproductive rights for women, common sense gun safety regulations, and protecting our beautiful environment. He will also remain dedicated to New Hampshire’s municipal governments, and will work to ensure a full and fair distribution of meals and room tax and gasoline tax revenues to the State’s cities and towns.